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Cambium XV2-2T Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (Outdoor)

XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Points
Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 APs with High Efficiency Antennas

Cover significantly larger areas in campus networks and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications. Coupling Wi-Fi 6 technology with high efficiency antennas, the XV2-2T delivers up to 1 km range as well as higher throughput at shorter ranges compared to competitive solutions. Covering more area per AP, network operators can save costs on equipment, cabling, installation, maintenance and access rights for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments. When paired with Cambium Networks’ multi-gigabit 60 GHz cnWave solutions for Wi-Fi backhaul, network operators can blanket large areas with blazingly fast speeds – all wirelessly.


Download Datasheet >> WiFi-6_XV2-2T0_AP.pdf
Download Datasheet >> WiFi-6_XV2-2T1_AP.pdf